Elisabeth Moss : star of Handmaid”s Tale in the remake of The invisible Man ?

The american actress Elisabeth Moss is in negotiations to join the cast of the remake of “The invisible Man”. Universal Pictures / Warner Bros France Universal does not loose completely its Monsterverse ! If the attempt at a connected universe with The Mummy, Dracula or The werewolf is, for the moment, buried, the studio is decided to attempt co-productions with the firm of horror Blumhouse, but also to maintain some of the titles originally planned, among which is the remake of the film from 1933, The invisible Man. Variety reports that the actress Elisabeth Moss was revealed to the public at large through the series the Handmaid”s Tale, has just begun negotiations to take a role in this new adventure of The invisible Man. It is unknown at this stage what would be his character, but it is certain that the presence of Johnny Depp, once announced, to the casting, is no longer current. Leigh Whannell (Upgrade, movie, Blumhouse precisely) could write and stage this remake. Elisabeth Moss currently shooting season 3 of The Handmaid”s Tale (The handmaid’s tale) and can be seen on the big screen in the Us, the new film from Jordan Peele. 5 the characters in the film, where we do not see face : Top 5 Emissions Bonus

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